Increase brand awareness with our advertising services.

Our team can organise billboard campaigns, bus and bus shelter posters,

place adverts in magazine and newspaper publications and much more. 



Join the thousands of businesses up and down the country

that are advertising their business on billboards!


Whether you’re a local company or a national brand,

the benefits of engaging with hundreds of

potential clients each day can transform your business.

Capture the attention of hundreds of potential clients awaiting a bus, driving or walking past daily.

Whether you’re increasing brand awareness or selling a product or service,

bus shelter advertising has been used by national brands and local companies

for decades.We have the expertise to design and implement your campaign.

This traditional form of advertising can be extremely beneficial to businesses

wishing to build a strong local customer base.


However many find it difficult to decide which publications

are right for their business.


At SmithTurner Marketing, we have experience dealing with

newspaper and magazine publications.


We can ensure the right deal, at the right price and enable you

to track enquiries from your advert with ease.

Reach thousands of regular and new customers with radio advertising.


Our team will work closely with you to choose the right station,

campaign duration and liaise with the

station’s creative team to produce a memorable jiggle.


We can also contact radio stations on behalf of your

business or organisation to arrange an interview

if you’re planning a public event or promotion that needs shouting about.  


Contact us today to learn more about how radio advertising can benefit you.

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