Around every corner in the UK there is a marketing agency vying for your business. But how do you know which agency is right for you?

Below we have complied a quick guide of some tips and questions to ask yourself or your prospective marketers before making that all-important commitment.

Before meeting an agency 

1) Know what areas of your marketing strategy you need outsourcing.

It sounds simple but knowing what you want allows you to bounce around initial ideas, communicate more efficiently and helps to gage the responsiveness of the marketers.

2) Understand your past and present marketing strategy.

Equally simple but it will save a lot of time exploring avenues that have already been explored previously and stops your in-house and out-house marketers duplicating efforts.

3) Do some research

Take a peek at their website. Do they have easy to access testimonials and case studies? If not, contact them and request a couple so you know they are capable of the work you want them to undertake.

4) Flashy is not always better

Some businesses are drawn to marketing agencies with swanky offices in central locations that on entering offer you a ‘tall soy caramel macchiato latte with no foam’. However it’s wise to remember your money is partially paying for that and can be reflected in their prices. So shop around, find those smaller hidden agencies that can be equally creative and talented, offering you a no-fuss ‘white coffee’ but ultimately will save you money without compromising on quality.

Whilst meeting an agency

1) Don’t give away your budget straight away

It is easy to show your hand too quickly and it may cost you. Let them tell you how much a job will cost and avoid handing over your whole budget to eager marketers who may spend your money frivolously.

Remember, you are in control of the purse strings.

2) How can you measure success?

It’s important to know how successful your outsourced marketing has been for your business. Ask your marketers if they can deliver weekly or monthly reports on engagement. Equally, for instance if you are paying for a newspaper advertisement, your business can track the spikes in new clients and enquiries in correlation to the publication date. Capturing data sounds a chore but crunch those numbers to really understand how much every new client is costing you.

3) Ask lots of questions

Are you and the marketers engaged and bouncing ideas around? Do they seem genuinely interested in promoting your company? Do they understand how your business operates and your industry? Can you liaise and collaborate with these marketers?
Remember they are pitching for your business

4) How many other projects are they currently working on?

Ask the question and unearth whether they can dedicate enough time to your business. You don’t want to be waiting weeks for your project to get off the ground or learn they have to constantly delay your project due to their workload.

5) Be clear on deadlines and payment schedules. 

The best way to avoid delays and hold-ups is to agree everything upfront and ensure you receive a written confirmation of your agreement for your records.

Follow these tips and ask further questions to figure out whether the marketing agency is for you. 

If they are, complete the deal and begin building a strong working relationship with your newly acquired outsourced marketers.



Hayden Turner

Hayden Turner